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XNAnimation is a skeletal animation library for XNA. This library allows developers to easly manipulate, playback, interpolate and blend animations.
Currently, the library is being ported to XNA 4.0.

Documentation : FAQ (Updated 12/07/2010) : Acknowledment : About Me

Main Features

  • General
    • Easy to use.
      • Provides classes to handle skinned models, skeletons, animations clips, keyframes and poses.
      • Provides controllers to handle animation playback.
    • High performance.
      • Animation interpolation and blending made on the CPU.
      • Model skinning made on the GPU.
    • Low memory footprint.
      • Stores keyframe translation, orientation, and scale decomposed.
      • Shares skeletons, animations and meshes resources.
    • Supports Windows and Xbox platforms.
  • Animation playback
    • Plays animations forward and backward.
    • Constrols animation speed and looping.
    • Supports models with up to 80 bones
    • Supports linear, cubic and spherical keyframe interpolation.
      • Stores keyframe translation, orientation, and scale decomposed
      • Interpolates translation, orientation and scale separately for best interpolation.
  • Animation blending
    • Supports cross fade between animation clips.
      • Allows smooth transitions between animations.
  • Material system
    • Supports multiple point light sources (up to eight) with light attenuation.
    • Supports materials with emissive, diffuse and specular properties.
    • Supports Diffuse, Normal and Specular textures.
    • Reports vertex and pixel shader profiles used
  • XNAnimation Model Processor
    • Splits any animation into a new set of animations (based on time or keyframe)
    • Transforms the entire scene using rotation or scale


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