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Problem with animations from motionbuilder

Feb 26, 2010 at 2:44 PM


I tried the beta3 and I got some probs with animations exported from motionbuilder 2009,

I created a "bind pose" ( model standing up right with arms spread ) as first take with 1 frame.

than a second take, putting the model in an idle pose than animating the body( for a quick test just the head, made it looking around) and using full body key frames (100 frames).

For using the model with XNAnimation I switch to first take ("bind pose") , plot character (all takes, 25FPS), delete CharacterControlRig and save it.

So far so good, but when I view the idle animation with XNAnimation, the model body is still in "bind pose" and only the head is moving, just like the idle pose I put the model in at start of second take is completely ignored.

Is that a general problem of motionbuilder or am I doing something wrong when I prepared the model for use with XNAnimation?

Or shall I use a prog like Maya?

I have 3DSMax for modelling but since I found no way to create seperate animation takes, like motionbuilder does, it would be useless for XNAnimation 'coz no animation clips where found in such an exported file.

A second question, I want to use the model for an FPS style game, I want to be able to play a "walk" or "jump" animation together with being able to move and turn the upper torso, arms, head for aiming, is that possible with XNAnimation?

THX Grobi