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How to set SkinnedModelProcessor attributes Runtime - Compile Source

Mar 9, 2010 at 6:13 AM
Edited Mar 10, 2010 at 1:52 AM

Hi, first of all I want to congratulate you for your effort on making this awesome library!

I've been using it for a while, but now I'm in process of making a personal engine, and this includes a Level editor. I see that in one of your last releases, in the SkinnedModelProcessor you can define the Split Animation Filename as well as the Textures path. In this level editor I've been able to applay your processor at runtime to compile .fbx files, but these files are imported with its default values. So the thing is that the level editor creates folders on a specified path that will contain models, textures, shaders... all of that. The question is if for every model I compile at runtime, I can also compile the .xml file for the animation and modify the SkinnedModelProcessor attribute to get this new file as the new Split Animation Filename

Update: Please help me!, I was trying that instead of applying this attributes at runtime.... to modify the source code so that it has a default xml animation value for each model... but now my problem is that I can´t compile no matter what I do!

Tried to follow the compiling instructions in portuguese, but I didn't understand well. What I did, was using the generate_keys.bat tool, first I had to add to my path the  "sn.exe" because it wasn't recongnized, then I copied the generated keys to the folders of XNAnimation and the XNAnimation Pipeline... then tried to compile individually every project... and all of them first give a error of  "EffectCompiler stopped working" and on the VisualStudio output it marks an error that couldn't find an assembly and that the effectCompiler.exe return a code error 1.

Please if someone can help me I would really appreciate it!



Sep 13, 2011 at 10:59 PM


I just wandered into this error myself.  Anyone know of a way to set the Split Animation Filename in the SkinnedModelProcessor?  I'm currently using this example project as a base (, and am trying to load/compile animations as well.  I have everything working except for the splits in the animation.


Any kind of help would be appreciated.