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StartClip-ing while CrossFade-ing

Mar 23, 2010 at 10:02 AM

I really wish I could be more specific with the issue I'm having, but it seems pretty hard to pinpoint.

Basically, my character has a "standing" and "crouching" animation, with XNAnimation's crossfading intended to take care of the "crouch to stand" and "stand to crouch" animations.  When my character is in the middle of one of these crossfade transitions and is hit, sending him into a "StartClip" GetHurt animation, I notice buggy behavior -- usually manifesting itself in the form of the character seemingly ignoring the hurt animation (though careful observation reveals that the animation IS being influenced ever so slightly) and finishing his crouch, despite all of the other game events firing off.  Unfortunately, I don't have many more details than that.  The only crime I seem to be committing is calling StartClip during a Crossfade in progress.  If anyone has a solution, or any suggestions for investigating the matter deeper, please let me know. =]