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about optimize the anim. display

Jun 23, 2011 at 12:44 PM

when show the skined model, in .fx file, we use:

#define MaxBones 59
float4x4 Bones[MaxBones];

if we want to draw 10 ones of the same model, then draw 10 times.

use instance solution to draw them 1 time.


1,the xna4 use shader3.0, the constants number is limited

float4x4 Bones[100][MaxBones];

want to draw 100 ones 1 time. do not say 100, even 2 is too lager

2,trans the Bones as instance paras.

but the VS , PS functions in shader  can only supply 16 paras


please give me a help

and do you know the xna would use shader4 in the future?