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3D Max and XNAnimation

Jul 3, 2008 at 8:51 PM
I have been having some problems importing this little test model I made and having it display correctly. Heres what Im doing to it.

The model is one complete mesh. Editable Mesh to be exact

I have made the skeleton inside the model using bones. Only Fk no Ik.

I make sure the root bone is located at 0,0,0

I go file>export and choose the fbx format and use the default settings.

When I load it into the animation sample to see how it looks and works he is lying on his stomach and his animation is very different.

Is there something wrong I am doing in this process? If so, can you link me to a tutorial for properly exporting a model in .fbx format from 3Ds Max 8. Anything you could offer would help, Im trying to give my animation guy an answer on the project before too late. Thank you for all of your help and sorry if I may come off as sounding demanding or anything.
Jul 3, 2008 at 11:53 PM

I'm do not have much experience working with DCC tools, such as 3D Studio Max or Maya but these are things that could be responsible for your problems:
- 3D Studio Max used Z as its up axis, not Y. It is different from the UP axis in Maya and in the samples (both use Y). You can fix this applying a rotation to the scene in the processor parameters of the XNAnimation
- Before you rig your model you need to do things like "Reset Xform", "Freeze transformations", "Reset transformations history", etc... The animation that you see in Max or Maya may not really be correct, although they display correct.
- Look if you get any warning when the model is processed and make sure your skeleton has less than 80 bones

Try these steps and look if any of them solve your problem. Also, if you use IK to animate your models you will need the latest FBX exporter, which has an option to bake animations on the skeleton.