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Collision optimized in SkinnedModels (TrianglePicking)

Aug 14, 2008 at 6:19 PM
   i trying to make a cursor using a Texture2D as mouse cursor to select a SkinnedModel in a 3D scene. I have sucessfully configure a BoundingSphere for he Meshes[0].BoundingSphere from SkinnedModel.Model in the update method of a game but it isn't optimized because the radius of the BondingSphere is too large and intersects the other SkinnedModel's BoundingSphere, making impossible select just one model. I have experiencied a TrianglePikingSample from but its use a TrianglePickingProcessor but the SkinnedModel has a own Processor. Anyone know how to "extends" the SkinnedModel Processor to include and consume a list of Vertex from the model Stored in a Skinned Model\ and use this Processor instead SkinnedModelProcessor? Thanks