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Flattened model

Nov 4, 2008 at 4:19 PM
Hi, thank tou for a good lib. I try to use this library and is very happy with its speed. Before I used Ogre, but speed of skeletal animation was very low, in my case speed of animation is very critical. But there are problems.
I did skinning model in 3ds max (with skin modifier, not physique) with custom skeleton (not biped from max) and made animation for him. There some problems apperar when I try export it:
1. The export to x-file with panda was not succesfull, the error is: "D3dxparse error..."
2. When I export with autodesk FBX exporter into fbx-ansi file, also apperar error.
3. When I exported character into binray fbx format, all ok, but scale around Z-axis is too match and model flattened around this axis. This is normalized by programmatically scaling, but this is not good way.