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Problems in referring character bones from XNA

Dec 20, 2008 at 1:57 PM

well starting my university project "implementing characters in XNA", after a long search of theory behind character animation, and skinning and so on i have finally now getting along with Character animation in XNA.

I have started animating things in XNA from very basics and this book "Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide by Stephen Cawood" helps me a lot to understand the fundamentals of animation in XNA and the other stuff like matrices, shaders, camera etc.
Cutting the whole story short :-), I am getting along very good in using objects without bones usually meshes in grouped form and animating them in XNA, which is very interesting and a milestone.

Now the important thing is that i am now using human character with bones everything is setup i mean skinning, rigging stuff, and i have imported the character in XNA and can see it in the very middle of the game window which is great. Now i am trying to animate the character in XNA referencing the name of the bones which i have already named in 3dStudio max the modeling and skinning software i am using.

I am using the simple animation sample (Tank) one as a reference because there is not animation inside the character i am animating it in XNA, just like the tank model where it is a group of meshes and each one is referenced from XNA and animated like rotation etc.
but when i done the same with my character and reference its bone from XNA and change its rotation or transformation the file compiles but i can't see any animation. It sounds easy at the first time but now its getting complex.

I have gone through the forum about the information on simple animation sample but didn't find anything which clear the concept. Can anyone please describe here what is goin on.
What is the difference b/w character with bones and just an object with simple mesh. if we can target simple mesh from xna and use ModelBone to store the reference then why not it is possible for character with bones.

waiting for the response anxiously because of the project deadline is coming closer everyday, :-( and there is so much to done.
please any1.