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.X file corrupt error code: E_FAIL

Apr 19, 2009 at 2:41 AM
ok so i had added my .X file, the solution built successful, however since my .X file had no bones it crashed...
that's cool, i'll just go add bones to my project. so i do this, now i have my humanoid all rigged up nicly with a biped. GREAT!
so it comes time to make my .X file (tried this with both kw and pandasoft) i belive i'm using both these addons correctly, i make my animations, and export.
then when i loaded it into my project i get an error, saying this exactly;

Error 1 Could not read the X file. The file is corrupt or invalid. Error code: E_FAIL.

so i thought maybe it had to do with the way i added my biped... so i go back to my old max file (the one with no bones that had worked before it just crashed due to lack of bones)
and i build it, it gives me the same error. In fact i even try building a .X file of just a sphere, when i add it to my project and build, i get the same error... it seams to be now impossible to build any .X file without getting this error.

i believe it has something to do with 3dmax... but i have no idea what exactly, or any way of solving this.

does anyone have any ideas??

Apr 19, 2009 at 7:35 PM
ok so i've fooled around a bit and realise i can create non corrupt .X files on the following conditions;
I do not use animations (clicking off the checkbox in the exporter)
and there is no biped.

however if there is animations it give the E_FAIL error, which is obviously not acceptable.
and if i don't have a biped. it crashes and says that i don't have a skelton structure.