Animation splitting on non-keyframes is not possible


Edited by r2d2rigo: If someone experiences this problem again, please reply to this issue or contact me.
The split code simply uses all keyframes within the start/end bounds.
In case those bounds are not identical with an existing keyframe the seperated clip starts late or ends to early.
This can be resolved by calculating this missing start/end keyframes (like it is done during animation).
But obviously this is not done in three lines :-(
But I asume that this is a rare case because it is very likely that you want to cut your animation at extisting keyframes
and when problem one is solved then this may not occure very often.
An exaple:
The existing animation has keyframes at frame 1, 12, 28, 64.
Normally all those frames in between the keys are interpolated during the animation playback.
Now you want to extract a certain part of that animation: from frame 8 to 56 with the XML split file during import/procession.
The original animation has no keys on frame 8 and 56 and so the current implementation starts and ends its extraction at the first/last keyframe within the the start/end.
In the example the extracted animation would start with frame 12 and end with frame 28. Quite different from the requested 8-56.
One solution would be to use tha animation methods to interpolate a certain frame also during import/procession.
So the processor would calculate the missing frames 8 and 56 and then would end up with an extracted animation of the frames: 8, 12, 28, 56. Which would be the correct splitted animation.


r2d2rigo wrote Feb 6, 2010 at 7:14 PM

Couldn't replicate. If someone experiences this problem again, please reply this issue or contact me.